What Is Customized Fat Loss?

The Customized Fat Loss system from Kyle Leon has become popular due in part to the creator himself, and if you based it only on his appearance you’d want to find out more. Yet is his apparent healthy physical condition due to his being able to focus on his physique 24/7 as a highly successful fitness model? After all, it is what he does for a living, and if health and fitness were how you earned a living you’d more than likely be able to look that great too. The fact is that the program has works for a lot of individuals that started off out of shape, and were ready to give up on losing weight and burning fat in all the right places. A big part of the success of this program is the fact that it offers a personalized approach to fat burn.

After years of struggle to lose those last few pounds of fat without also losing lean muscle, Kyle made the decision to take control of his progress. He began studying with some of the top fitness and body building professionals in the world, as well has taking advice from nutritional experts. By merging the two collectively he has been able to build a career as one of the top fitness models in the world. Today he employs his knowledge to guide others toward weight loss success and the online reviews are for the most part positive.

Customized Fat Loss functions around the concept that no two people are the same. Every one of us has a unique genetic blueprint which means that our bodies process nutrients, physical changes and vitamins in different ways. Consequently it is virtually impossible for a specific generic diet program to get results for everyone which is where the Customized Fat Loss program comes into play as a unique program that will fit any body type.

Product  Features

Applying the newest health and fitness science, the program operates by utilizing Somato specific nutrition. In the past studies have shown that there are 3 basic body types referred to as ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph but truth be told there are a number of variations as well. These variations are one of the reasons most fat burning programs on the market don’t work as efficiently as the Customized Fat Loss and the fact that most are based on outdated science. Applying this revolutionary data, this method provides you with the following:

  • The Customized Fat Loss system which helps you determine your specific body type. The program will then take all individual aspects of your physique under consideration including your age, height, weight and sex and create a customized healthy eating plan that’s specific to you. The personalized weight loss program helps you plan out your meals and tells you the best times to eat them. This personalized system eliminates the guess work of a healthy eating plan and by controlling how, when and where you eat you’ll see the fat drop away without sacrificing healthy lean body fat. You’ll receive an individualized tracker, so you’ll be able to track your progress, together with easy to understand graphs and charts that explain the changes going on inside your body while you follow the program.
  • Customized Fat Loss training, the program’s 12 week training plan that has been developed to work along with Leon’s fat loss program. The training programs will teach you the precise exercises required to increase the level of fat you actually lose and include the number of reps, sets, rest periods to take and the amount of water you should consume.
  • Customized Fat Loss supplementation, a big plus and not typically included with fat burning programs that fill you in on the do’s and don’ts of supplements. You’ll learn precisely which varieties to stay away from and there are several, and the ones that will have a positive impact on reaching your fitness goals.
  • Customized Fat Loss also comes with limitless upgrades meaning that as science progresses so will the program and the upgrades will be available via your computer.
  • Peak in a Week is a Customized Fat Loss extra, a one week body sculpting program that will have you more toned and ripped in no time. If you need to get ready for a special occasion “Peak in a Week” will help you look your physical best.

Who Is The Product For?

This body building quality, nutritional program is suited for everyone that wants to burn fat along with tone and build muscle mass. Customized Fat Loss a great choice regardless of your fitness level, age and whatever amount of fat you want to lose. Gender doesn’t matter either; that’s the best part of having access to a program that’s genuinely personalized. This program is available for $47.00 and includes bonus programs.


  • Provide you with an customized program that grows along with you, meaning as your fitness goals adjust, the program changes as well.
  • Computer based meaning easy access online 24/7
  • Easy to follow
  • A variety of customizable options
  • The system doesn’t make you stick to impossible to follow rules and the meal options can fit into any schedule.


  • You may call it a disadvantage but this program doesn’t promise effortless results if that’s what you’re looking for.
  • You need to be and stay motivated throughout the program – again it comes down to you.


The Customized Fat Loss program from Kyle Leon is based on common sense science with a personalized approach that seems to work. Based on the fact that each and every one of us is physically unique, it just makes sense that standard weight loss plans can’t work for everyone. Most important of all is the science based advice provided in the program that user’s have access to that is normally only provided to celebrities with unlimited funds.

Bottom line, with serious effort on your part, this fat burning/muscle building program will help you look and feel your best in no time. You just need to bring your determination, motivation and commitment to get life change results.