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Advice You Should Follow For Any Diet Solutions You Decide To Use

If you are going to be successful with getting yourself in shape or even keeping your health at its best, you will need diet solutions that make sense. One thing people who are trying to get in shape do [...]

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How to eat out without crashing your diet

When you’re sticking to a diet plan, sometimes it can be hard as friends will want you to eat out with them, and you may feel as you can’t as it will crash your diet, hence even losing [...]

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Young Americans Need to Cut Calorie Intake

Young Americans Have to Cut Down on Calories The aim of lowering childhood obesity rates in the states is still as far of as ever a recently released study shows. The Department of Health in the US has a target to [...]

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Skinny Up Your Weekend

All of us know the feeling when we get to the weekend after a hard week at work and the diet goes out the window. “The working structure and routine of Monday to Friday make sticking to a healthy diet [...]

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The Truth About Nitrite in Lunch Meat

Sodium Nitrite is used as a preservative in many foods such as salami, ham and many other cured and processed meats. It helps to fight potentially harmful bacteria and prevent food from going off quickly. However there are certain [...]

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How does alcohol affect your health/diet?

Alcohol, even though it is legal, it’s still a drug and has negative effects on people who choose to consume it. The most hazardous effects of alcohol come when it is taken in large amounts, also known as binge [...]

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The 10 Commandments of Muscle Building Nutrition!

Working out the correct nutrition for effective muscle building is pretty straightforward. All it needs is a little knowledge, some consistency and discipline. You need a decent healthy diet and to actually stick to it if you want to [...]

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Sweet! Weird ways chocolate keeps you healthy

Show your body a little love on Valentine’s Day this year by treating yourself to a few extra chocolates. In fact make sure that you eat plenty of chocolates all year round. A recently published report showed that people [...]

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The Link Between Diet and Breast Cancer

Having the correct daily nutrition and diet that helps you to maintain a healthy weight could help you to reduce the possible risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is now the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American and European [...]

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The Facts on Fad Diets

Anyone who has been on more than one diet in their life will tell you that losing weight and actually managing to keep it off is very difficult. It requires commitment and dedication and a long term plan. Fad [...]

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High fat diet injures the brain, Rodent study reveals

Every dieter knows that losing weight and keeping if off for good can be difficult and new research has come out that may explain why. A high fat diet that is followed for even a short periods of time [...]

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How to make your metabolism moving

There are a few things to feel good about when it comes to you and your body. The first is that it is a calorie burning machine that is always on the go. You’ll even get through a few [...]

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