What Is Fat Burning Furnace (FBF)?

If you’ve been searching all over for a new approach to weight loss, then Fat Burning Furnace may be a viable option. The fact is that it doesn’t actually offer anything “new” when it comes to losing weight, meaning it isn’t a miracle cure and there aren’t any outrageous workout routines that you’ll be required to do; it’s all about the factors that come into play regarding the fat burning process. The scientific research and data that demonstrate the strategies implemented in the product have been around for some time.

The Fat Burning Furnace was developed by the Poulos. Rob Poulos is a fitness professional in the U.S. who writes on health related topics including weight loss and overall well being. His motivation for the Fat Burning Furnace system was applied toward his earlier struggles with weight and illness. Following an obesity problem he’d had for the greater part of his life, Rob lost a significant amount of weight and improved his life. Today both Rob and Kalen not only utilized techniques covered by the Fat Burning Furnace, they shared their program with their clients who have also highly rated the program. Their fat burning program is actually a 158 page (minus recipes and meal plans) guidebook concentrating largely on fat loss, however also addresses toning lean muscle mass, boosting energy levels, longevity, overall fitness and health.

Product Features

The FBF’s primary principle tends to be that fat loss isn’t achieved just by lowering calories. The product attempts to say that the process of consistently cutting calories typically ends in cravings, hunger and a decline of the dieter’s metabolic rate, and eventually causes lower calories burned and a limited efficiency of caloric energy. This decrease can cause diet plateaus meaning dieter’s won’t be able to drop extra weight even when cutting calories.

Despite the fact that calorie management is a component of the FBF plan, it does include a unique tactic, functioning through exercises and a nutritional program to improve your resting metabolic rate. Fat Burning Furnace provides an intensive number of exercise programs which are structured to improve your metabolism. The nutrition aspect is also intentionally designed to help the workout routines boost your metabolic rate as well.

This program calls for a 45 minute, fat morning workout a week. It’s a bit hard to swallow that you’re supposed to achieve your weight loss targets by working out under 1 hour a week but several that did said it was due to the programs “Blow Torch” system, an innovative workout plan that targets specific trouble areas of the body.

When your resting metabolic rate is elevated you burn additional calories while you work out and continue to throughout the day, even when you sleep. The benefits of increasing your metabolic process, not only permits you to burn more calories, it also increases your energy levels. When all of the factors come together, there’s a side benefit that results in fat loss where you need it. That being said, this program seems like a bit of a new spin on already familiar weight loss techniques, but if it works for you nothing else matters.

Who is Fat Burning Furnace For?

The Workout Program

The workout program has nothing to do with long cardio sessions. If you are looking for a system involving extensive cardio workouts, don’t buy this program. The Fat Burning Furnace workout routines are short, just about 20 to 45 minutes and provide an overall body workout including resistance training that focuses on strength training, flexibility and toning exercises along with photo guides of exercises. You can also upgrade to a video instruction bundle of the program as well and there are also blueprints for both beginners and seniors.

The Nutrition Program

The nutrition program concentrates on micro-nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, more so than proteins or carbs. Micro-nutrients are the substances that the body uses to perform at its best as well as encourages healthy fat burn. The Fat Burning Furnace nutrition program isn’t a “low carb/high protein” diet plan so it that’s what you’re looking for you’ll want to check out another option. FBF isn’t a 500 calorie a day starvation diet either. Instead, this weight loss program focuses on healthy weight loss built on smart, healthy food choices.  It teaches you how to eat less calories but a lot more nutritionally rich foods that will fill you up and give your body what it needs to become an a efficient fat burning machine, even while you sleep.

The FBF program will end up costing you $39.97 out the door which the website claims is “special” pricing for a program that is valued at $530.


  • Work out at home with their easy to follow program
  • No long and boring cardio workouts that you’d have trouble sticking to
  • Sound weight loss plan dependant on eating nutritionally rich healthy foods, perfect for long-term health.
  • Appropriate for both men and women of all ages.
  • Concentrates on resistance training to firm and tone the body even while losing fat.
  • A variety of meal plans included.
  • Easy to reach email support for any questions you may have
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • The programs regular package doesn’t include videos
  • Doesn’t include a strict diet which some dieter’s prefer
  • Some claims feel a little to good to be true like the limited amount of exercise required.


The Fat Burning Furnace focuses on smart nutritional choices and effective workouts which makes it a step above the typical fad diet programs out there. In addition, while it’s really offering nothing new when it comes to weight loss and fat burn, what and how they provide the information makes sense when it comes to healthy weight loss. If you’re the kind of person who wants to lose weight and at the same time lose it with good health in mind, this program could be a good match for you. The FBF program doesn’t ask you to starve yourself, eliminate all your favorite foods or live on one food in particular. It doesn’t require that you spend hours in the gym either; it just asks for your commitment to the plan which can lead to long term results if you’re serious about your health and well being.