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Protecting Your Health While You Are Confined At Work

When you are at work you are confined to a chair or some other space most likely. This is not healthy and it completely negates the attempts you are making to get in shape and stay that way. These [...]

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5 Ways to Improve Health Through Yoga

Yoga has been proven to have a positive effect on people’s health in many different ways.  The main aim of Yoga is to increase flexibility and aid in body relaxation. However researchers have also proven that yoga has many [...]

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Top 5 Exercises For Getting Healthy

Building healthy exercise habits can be something of a change in lifestyle for many people. It can be hard breaking the habit of inactivity and actually getting off the sofa and doing something that is going to do you [...]

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Are You Ready To Workout?

The other day I was just about to begin a training session with a new client of mine. He seemed very keen and had arranged to meet as soon as the gym opened its doors at 5.30 am. Now [...]

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The Benefits of Being Flexible

As we get older our muscles naturally begin to lose some of their strength and size. We also start to lose a lot of our flexibility and suppleness and become a lot stiffer. The range of movement of joints [...]

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Nutrition and Workout Routines Provide a One-two Punch

While exercises that include weight lifting will certainly build muscles, proper nutrition will help sustain your muscles health and help with recovery after work outs. Today’s health industry is crowded with so many choices for Muscle Building Nutrition that [...]

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Tips for Runners, Walkers, and Joggers

The importance of exercise for good joint health cannot be overstated. No matter age you are it is important to maintain healthy joints for flexibility and to reduce all kinds of aches and pains.  There are a number of joints [...]

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5 Step Fat Loss Experiment

I always prefer using the common sense approach to doing most things. Using a scientific approach wherever possible has always produced the best results for me in my life so far. Rather than leaving everything to chance [...]

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How To Find A Right Personal Trainer?

Many people think that personal trainers are just for the rich and famous and everyone else just has to make do on their own. However you don’t need to be mega rich or on the TV to be able [...]

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Why are intense, short workouts so much better?

Many studies have been conducted about the best way to exercise. Is it better to go for a short intense workout or a longer one at a steadier pace? While there will always be a great deal of debate [...]

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Flatter Firmer Stomach

So many of us dream of having washboard abs or even just a flat stomach. Unfortunately for most of that is all it is, a dream. However it doesn’t have to be that way. Dreams do become reality and [...]

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Performed Properly, Everything is a Core Drill

Core training is still one of the most talked about fitness topics. Whether it is an athlete looking to improve their overall performance or an ordinary Joe or Joanne looking to tone up and get a little fitter, core [...]

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