The Diet Solution program is creating quite buzz in the weight loss solutions marketplace, which is packed with countless diet programs that promise to deliver instant weight loss without any effort. What appears to make this diet solution different from the other choices out there is that you won’t be asked to conform to a strict diet. As a matter of fact, this program shows people what to eat and what to avoid, complete with a few easy to follow diet plans which are nutritiously sound and healthy. The Diet Solution program also addresses all body types and unique calorie specifications for each and how to lose weight naturally.

What is the Diet Solution program?

It is a weight loss plan created by Isabel de los Rios, a fitness specialist and nutritional expert who has devoted 15 years of her life creating healthy meal plans that can help anybody lose weight quickly and safely. The Diet Solution program takes a common sense approach utilizing firm health science to help you meet your metabolic needs and supplies a variety of recipes and meal plans to use. In contrast to alternative diet programs, this one doesn’t make any hard to believe claims. Instead, this program focuses on age old weight loss principles involving smart food choices and exercise minus the “all or nothing” platform.

Product features

The Diet Solution program features include a detailed manual broken down into 17 exceptionally well written chapters that are easy to digest and understand. You’ll also receive 60 days of meal plans that incorporate all the program’s principles, with exact serving sizes built into the recipes; all you need to do is prepare and enjoy. Next is the Metabolic typing test which pinpoints your “metabolic type” so you’ll know exactly which foods best fight the battle of the bulge, meaning the best fat burning food choices for your particular body type. You’ll also get a food shopping guide and delicious Diet Solution recipes. The quick start guide included will get you started in only 15 minutes and the Diet Solution Success journal and Ten Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat will keep you motivated and on track.

Who is this product for?

According to the frequently asked questions section on the Diet Solution program website, Ms. de los Rios highly recommends eating organics however it is understood that not everyone has a budget that makes buying only organic a viable option, and at times there aren’t any organics available. The program list of food suggestions includes: eggs, organic fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, raw berries and nuts, and natural whole grains.

The Diet Solution program fits a lot of dieter’s goals and with the wide variety of foods that the program allows, there is a lot of opportunity to create a assortment of meals which helps keep the diet from getting boring. Allergies won’t be a problem either, and also works for those who need a program that helps you start with small, efficient steps. For some people this is the ideal option and a plan they can stick to.


• Developed by one of the sectors leading authorities on the subject.

• Metabolic typing can help clarify why other weight loss programs didn’t work for you.

• Substantial variety of food items and recipes. Helps you sustain long lasting interest in the plan.

• Personalized menu system including easy to prepare meals and recipes.

• Emphasizes the “mind body” interconnection and accelerates weight loss.

• Conveys to you both what you need and why you need to do certain things to make the diet work.

• Instantaneously accessible to you online along with hard copies for your convenience..


• Metabolic type test seems a bit subjective and requires an understanding of food choices and nutrition.

• Metabolic test results are questionable however the diet itself stands on its own even without this element added in.

• No real exercises listed, just suggestions.


The Diet Solution program doesn’t promise to be a miracle cure; you’ll need to alter your eating habits in order for it to work. Some food restrictions are necessary, however the program provides great alternatives and occasionally actually far better tasting versions too. With The Diet Solution program you start exercising regularly, making a significant impact on the body fat loss process. It can also be light exercise, like walking or playing with the kids in the park. Basically, if you put in the effort you’ll see steady results, and big improvements in your overall health.

One thing that isn’t included in the product are exercises however the creator does reference a number of fitness programs on her website which she assesses and endorses. In addition, if you’re in the habit of consuming sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy ingredients that processed foods consist of, you may encounter a bit of discomfort as a result of a abrupt alternation in diet. For individuals under doctors care, adjustments in medication may need to be considered as your body gets in sync with the new diet plan. It has been recommended that individuals with diabetes consult their medical professional before starting because their blood sugar levels can be affected during the first phases of the diet and medications may need to be adjusted. As a minimal precaution safeguard, diabetics are encouraged to check their blood sugar count more frequently.

For the most part, the Diet Solution program is an effective, no nonsense weight loss program with no side effects or adverse health reactions. The Diet Solution program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and countless positive online reviews, both good reasons to give it a try.